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Carpet Cleaning in Durham, NC - Spotless Clean and Carpet care

Cleaning your carpets regularly can be a fairly inexpensive way to not only extend the life of your carpets, but also significantly enhance the look of your home. Prolonging the life of your carpets is important, as well as cutting back on expenses. Using our carpet cleaning services will protect your investment and prolong your carpet use. By regularly maintaining your carpets, you will also maintain your image!


With over 9 years of experience in the industry, Spotless Clean and Carpet Care provides many cleaning services in the Durham NC area, including carpet cleaning and pressure washing. We not only get the visible dirt, we get the invisible! Our carpet cleaning service not only cleans the carpets, but also focuses on a healthy environment. We ensure extraction of unhealthy elements, like bacteria, allergens, and many others from your carpets.


Our carpet cleaning services include:

-Spot treating
-Stain eliminating
-Carpet cleaning
-Carpet deodorizing
-Carpet freshening


Our carpet cleaning services are guaranteed to satisfy…or we will do it again!


residential carpetIf you need help maintaining your home's carpets from the consistent foot traffic or from the attraction of dust and dirt, we will work with you and help make your carpets look good as new! You will know they are well maintained and be comfortable that they always look great!


A Deep Thorough Carpet Clean – Especially in The High Traffic Areas.


Spotless Clean and Carpet Care does not just quickly gloss over your carpets and call it carpet cleaning like other companies…we actually keep cleaning until your carpets truly looks and feel as clean as they can get! This is why so many families choose our services and become repeat customers. In fact, by extracting what you cannot see you will experience a much healthier environment!


commercial carpet1Spotless Clean and Carpet Care will thoroughly inspect and analyze your carpets and traffic flow, in order to identify higher foot traffic areas. We do this so that we can pay extra attention to those specific areas and help ensure all dirt, allergens, dust, and other materials get extracted from deep down underneath! Some companies in the Durham NC area don’t take the time to inspect your carpets thoroughly. This often leads to missing important details and high traffic areas. By using us, you can be sure that never happens!


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