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4997-101413-gs4997Cleaning professionals think of floor care as both a science and an art. But in some cases, top-notch floor-cleaning equipment, superior chemicals, and even the best training cannot solve some of the common frustrations. The following are some of the frequent challenges faced with floor care, as well as their causes. You will find tactics that cleaning professionals like Spotless Commercial Cleaning in Durham, NC uses to manage them.

Poor Gloss

Before applying the finish, the floor should be properly stripped and rinsed. But if there is still no shine, then it is likely that you have applied very few coats of finish, or that the films are too thin. To avoid such problems, you should use the right scrubbing or buffing brushes/pads to avoid leaving excess grit and sand on the floor, and then rinse it properly before recoating in moderately thicker films.

Streaks in Floor Finish

Streaks are an indication that the recoating was applied too soon before the prior film had dried properly. They could also be a result of using a dirty mop or equipment, poor storage of the floor finish in extremely cold or hot conditions, contaminated finish, or application of floor finish over manufacturer finish on new tiles. To avoid streaks, always use clean equipment, strip and rinse well before applying, and give each coat 15 minutes to dry before re-applying. Any leftover finish should be disposed of.

Discolored Floor Finish

There are multiple things that can cause your floor finish to become discolored, including improper cleaner concentration; application of finish with new cotton mops before cleaning them; dirt, grit, and sand ground into the finish; leaving pH stripper residue on surface, and poor daily cleaning. To address these concerns, you should use an auto-scrubber with proper pads and cleaner daily, soak new rayon maps thoroughly before applying finish, follow the indicated cleaner dilution ration, deep scrub the surface before applying the coating, and rinse thoroughly after stripping to ensure that the pH is 7 or neutral.

It is important to remember that most problems are caused by excessive grit and dirt on the floor, use of dirty cleaning equipment, improper buffing or scrubbing, and failure to follow the application instructions. So, use recommended cleaning and cleaner application procedures or save in the long run by using a floor care service.

whizzxte-121013-bkst-874Most of the early marketers of solid concrete floors billed them as no maintenance flooring. And even today, many are still marketing concrete floors as no-maintenance floors. But the truth is there is no such thing as a floor that doesn’t require some type of maintenance.Without proper cleaning, the daily traffic will cause the solid concrete floor to eventually become worn and more difficult to clean. The micro scratches on the floor collect dirt and other fine particles. Listed below are a few ways to maintain your flooring:

Floor Sealers

Unless the floor is polished, keep it protected with a good floor sealer. This top layer of protection applied regularly on the concrete floor will prolong the life of the floor and will also enhance its appearance.  

Floor Wax

Periodical application of floor wax designed specifically for concrete floors will protect it from stains, dirt and abrasion. It is easier to buff out scratches from a coat of floor finish and then reapply more wax if necessary. Applying several coats of wax over the sealer coat will help to protect the sealer from wear and preserve the floor. This top coat should be reapplied depending on the traffic on the floors.  

Floor Mats

Use mats at each entrance and high traffic areas, so that dirt or muds are prevented from entering the premises. 

Dust Mopping

Regular dust mopping is an essential step to remove sand, silt and clay that will scratch and grind away floor seals and finishes. Sweep or vacuum corners and hard-to-reach areas, and use microfiber dust mop to clean the entire floor.

Damp Mopping

Regular damp mopping with a neutral cleaner will help preserve the shine of the floor.  

Routine solid floor maintenance will help prolong the appearance of solid floors for years to come. Spotless Clean and Carpet Care of Durham, North Carolina can assist you with maintaining your solid floor surfaces.

rdffged-121013-bkst-2185Many business owners often get surprised by the amount of dirt their employee and customers can bring into their premises on a daily basis. One of the best ways to protect floors from getting damaged, increase safety, and reduce the amount of effort used on cleaning is to install carpet mats in your commercial buildings. Essentially, there are different types of mats that you can install in your commercial building for different purposes:

Logo Floor Mats

These are customized doormats which can be used to promote the image of your business. Apart from having the benefits of floor mat, logo floor mats have an eye-catching design which can enhance marketing and branding efforts. 

Anti-Fatigue Mats

Anti-fatigue mats are mats that are designed to make the workers more comfortable, and are essential in areas where workers stand to ease their legs, back pain, or fatigue. In fact, studies have shown that anti-fatigue mats make workers more comfortable and consequently more productive.

Entrance Rugs/Mats 

Entrance rugs are used to reduce slips and falls. Using the right type of entrance mats, door rugs, door mats, or floor mats will help you to protect cases of slips and falls, add décor, and lower the cost of maintenance.

Anti-Static Mats

These include non-conductive mats that are used to insulate workers in order to protect them from fatal shocks generated by high voltage equipment. They are designed to protect sensitive equipment by drawing the static off workers prior to touching susceptible apparatus or chemicals. 

Chair mats

Chair mats are designed to provide both floor protection and comfort. You can install these mats in your office to protect the underlying floor and facilitate chair movement.

Other useful floor carpet mats include locker room mats, kitchen mats, floor runners for rolling goods on, urinal and bathroom mats, and recessed mats for trapping dirt, moisture and debris before it can be tracked inside the building.

Simply put, having carpet mats in your commercial building can have various purposes, and consulting a good floor mat expert will help you decide on the best carpet mats for your building. And if you are in the Durham, North Carolina area Spotless Clean and Carpet Care can help you keep those carpets and the rest of your building clean and ready for business.

wash 755-1113vv-nvMost concrete floors are very durable, and proper maintenance can extend their life greatly. Protecting and extending the life of your concrete floors will make sure they maintain their look even after years of service. It will ensure they are not grimy, oil stained, or faded considering that they are still vulnerable to damage despite their durability. If you are in the Durham, North Carolina area, Spotless Clean and Carpet Care can assist you in all your cleaning needs. The following are some tips you may consider to extend their life:

Clean the floor regularly

Use microfiber pad to remove dirt particles from micro digs on your concrete floor. Most concrete floors have rough surfaces that attract dust particles and retain soil particles. The dust particles may ruin the clarity and shine of your concrete, while the trapped soil particles create friction that increases the rate of wear. Additional cleaning tips that include;

Washing spills and stains as soon as you notice them. Spills and stains may end up decaying your concrete floor since they can’t be absorbed.

Use clean mops and clean water during a wet wash. The mops may include floor scrubbers or neutral floor cleaners. Using plain water may not be sufficient to get rid of all dust particles.

Use a cleaning solution of neutral PH since extreme acidity or alkalinity increases the rate of wear of floor. Avoid using vinegar, pine based cleaners, bleachers, citrus bleaches and ammonia to extend the life of your concrete floors.

Repair porous spots immediately

Porous spots such as breaks, cracks and chips are likely to damage your concrete floor. These spots have little channels that allow water to be pulled up from contaminants above and the ground below. Be sure to repair porous spots by applying concrete coatings at the surface to create a stronger barrier between water and spills that may occur.

Renew concrete floor polish or coating regularly

It is advisable to renew the polish of your concrete floor after two years for it to retain its polish or shine. The polish makes your floors attractive and protects them against normal wear. However, be sure to fill all cracks and repair any missing concrete before applying the polish or coating.

Carpets experience a lot of wear and tear. With that, they also experience spills, stains, and bacteria. Vacuuming regularly can help reduce allergens, dirt, and debris from your commercial carpets. But sometimes, stains will not budge and bacteria are always left behind. Since everyone is required to wear shoes, they track a lot of dirt. However, they don’t have to worry too much about the bacteria that lives in the carpet because they don’t play on it, don’t lay on it, and don’t eat on it. Here are some helpful hints to extending the life of your commercial building carpets.

Entrance Mats

A lot of companies have mats of some sort as you walk into the building, but do they have entrance mats on the outside? Most do not. However, an outside entrance mat can help extend the life of your carpet. There are several types, but the mats with brushes do the best job. They grab the dirt and debris from the sole of the shoes so that there is less tracking of them on the inside. Carpet does break down over time. This helps reduce that wear and tear.

Interior Mats

Just like the exterior entrance mats, the interior mats help reduce wear and tear on the carpet by reducing the tracking of debris, dirt, and chemicals. When the shoes hit the mat, it absorbs any liquids, dirt, or other tracked annoyances. It will not only help extend the life of the carpet, but also reduce maintenance so that employees can spend that time for better productivity tasks. Commercial cleaners often clean the mats or replace them during each visit.

Quarterly or Semi-Annual Carpet Cleaning

You may already clean your carpets regularly throughout the year, but how often? Commercial cleaning companies can perform routine carpet cleaning to help extend their life. If you do not go that route, you should clean your carpets at least once every 6 months to maintain them. Nevertheless, the carpet cleaner makes the difference. You should always use a commercial carpet cleaner if you don’t leave it to the professionals. Invisible elements can wear out your carpets and mold. Mildew and liquids can biodegrade the carpet too.

Carpet Savers

For those of you who have offices,—pretty much everyone—carpet savers are a great way to protect the carpet from impressions that collect dirt, liquids, and stains. Your office equipment like the desk, the chairs, the tables, the filing cabinets, etc. can all leave impressions in the carpet. These areas are prone to degrading and wear. Next thing you know, you have torn carpet or carpet that is stringing and tearing.

Carpet saver goes underneath the legs, corners, and bottoms of items to help prevent deep impressions in the carpets. Most of them have spikes underneath to sit in the carpet without flattening it. When you go to rearrange the office, you won’t have so many flat areas to deal with.

How often should office carpets get cleaned? A number of factors determine the number of times an office carpet needs cleaning per year. Offices and businesses such as banks will require their carpet cleaned more often since they receive many visitors per day.

Such offices should clean their carpet every four months. In an office that does not receive many visitors per day, cleaning the carpet ones per seven months is fair. Most manufacturers maintain that offices should make it a routine to clean their carpets at least ones per year, not to mention that some do not clear theirs at all.

Carpets absorb almost everything from a person’s shoe and hold all of these until the next cleaning. A carpet may appear but may contain many harmful pigments. Imagine all the soil, pollutants, odor, mud, water, pathogens and dust the carpet absorbs every day. 

The carpet type a business has may also determine the number of times you should clean it. For the best care, one should hire a professional cleaner. Most cleaners do not only have the required skills to maintain the carpet cleanness but also provide you with the information of how often your carpet requires cleaning. In addition, professional carpet cleaners recommend for the perfect cleaning chemicals just suited for the carpet.

When business owners clear their own carpet, they most of the times choose the wrong cleaning ingredients that end up damaging their carpets. Frequent cleaning like once per month should not be encouraged. The frequency may facilitate quick depreciation or deterioration, which may cost a lot not only through replacing, but also in paying for often cleaning. Some aspects of daily care such as scotch guarding are necessary, not only in extending the lifespan of the carpet, but also in minimizing the number times you look for professional help.

There are many factors on how to properly choose a commercial cleaning company such as services, reputation and price. All of these factors must be taken into account so as not to make a costly mistake.


First and foremost what services are provided, not all commercial cleaning companies provide the same services. Make sure that all that you needs are provided. Some companies contract out certain services if they do not have the expertise in house. In addition, watch out for "add-on" features of services that are not part of the services offered but can be added at a hefty premium.


Who has this company worked for before? Do they have references? These two questions could save you a lot of headaches down the road when choosing a company. Though price is important, it should not be the only selection criteria. Deciding between a company with 30 years in the industry verse a company that just opened needs to be factored into the decision. While the new company might be great, do you want to gamble with being their first client?


Price is important when choosing a commercial cleaning company and can be the deciding factor. The old adage, "you get what you pay for" still holds true. If one company is charging significantly more than another, there could be a good reason why. But price should come into play if all other factors are equal. Do not write off a higher price company or a lower price company without weighing what services are offered and the experience they have in the industry.

Ask questions

Lastly, ask specific questions about the services that you need. They may try to sell you services that are nice to have but do not necessarily fit your specific needs. By asking questions and weighing the factors above you can find a reputable commercial cleaning company for a good price that fits your individual needs.

Busy companies, commercial enterprises, offices, and schools often partner with reliable janitorial service companies for the maintenance of their premises. It is so easy to take clean, uncluttered offices and spaces for granted without the knowledge of all the work that goes into keeping it that way, Without a professional clean-up crew, any office or space can quickly become messy, cluttered and unsanitary, and make work or any type of productive activity virtually impossible.

Why Janitorial Cleaning is Worth its Weight in Gold

Janitorial cleaning services may not seem like a lot of work, but the janitorial workers are the silent partners in any business, no matter what kind of business that may be. They provide:

  • Professional cleaning using professional equipment
  • Sanitation and safety
  • Services are completed after the work day is through, so as not to interfere
  • More time for a businessman and his team to focus on business
  • Services to maintain a company's reputation and accreditation, especially for health care, hospitality and food service enterprises
  • More cost-efficient than hiring an in-house cleaning staff
  • Smoother office operations with a clean, well-maintained office      

Professional Janitorial Services vs. In-House Clean-Up Crew

The benefits mentioned above can easily be overlooked, since it is easy to think that having one or two members of the workforce do the cleaning is a cheaper alternative. However, this can actually cut into the productivity of the team. Employees can also easily protest that maintenance and cleaning services are clearly not part of the job description and therefore not a part of their job. A janitorial service company specializes in this type of service so once they are hired everyone else can go back to doing the things they were hired to do. Increased productivity results because the working spaces are clean, safe, and free from clutter, and because all members of the office focus their full attention on completing assigned tasks.

There are so many reasons why hiring a professional team is better than delegating the clean-up tasks to an existing member of the workforce, but the bottom line is that it is more cost-efficient and the company is assured of professional results .Hiring a professional janitorial services company ensures that a company receives professional cleaning when it is needed and the professional results they provide allow the team, employees, staff, and anyone else in the premises to work, study or play in a clean and safe environment. Spotless Clean & Carpet Care of Durham, North Carolina would be happy to assist in all your cleaning needs.

Company buildings are expected to be safe and clean in order to create a good working environment. Company managers should facilitate this by coming up with plans and strategies that emphasize safety and cleanliness. Spotless Clean & Carpet Care in Durham, North Carolina can assist you in ensuring that your company buildings are kept clean. Below are some reasons why cleanliness and safety is important to any company buildings. 

Protection and Safety

They protect workers from harm and injuries that may be caused by sliding, falling or collapsing. This can be ensured by wiping up spills immediately to prevent any damage. 

They protect company equipment since materials and equipment are stacked and stored properly to prevent possible damages that may be caused by falls. 

They protect organization from possible liability damages such as paying medical bills for workers injured at work. 

Foster competition 

A company with good safety and cleanliness records is likely to be more appealing to talented workers. Such companies are likely to hire more qualified candidates than their competitors. This is because high safety levels are associated with increased productivity and hence more revenues. 

Improved working morale 

Cleanliness and safety management in companies increases employee morale. This is mainly because the employees are likely to be more productive when they feel safer and aren’t in a messy work environment.

Lower insurance costs

A company can reduce its insurance costs by focusing on clean and safe workplace for its workers. Companies should discuss safety management program with their insurance agents to see the steps they can take to lower insurance charges. Liability insurance is dependent on safety level, while cleanliness affects the health insurance premiums of workers.  

Increased compliance

The local, state and federal workplace laws govern safety and cleanliness of company buildings. A company that creates a cleanliness and safety management program focused on compliance with workplace safety laws will always meet those requirements. Programs like this raise safety levels and protect the company from paying fines due to lack of compliance.

Carpet cleaning is one task that most large firms face. It can be a very labor intensive, and simple mistakes will ruin great carpet. For this reason, most firms prefer hiring commercial carpet cleaners who are experienced in this field. However, communication is important, because if there is no proper communication between the firm and the cleaner, then a good relationship may not be formed. If you are in the Durham, North Carolina area Spotless Clean & Carpet Care can assist in all your cleaning needs. Regular communication efforts are important because of the following:

  • Expert Advice

When you communicate with your carpet cleaner regularly you and your employees get to know a lot more about carpet. They will give you tips on how to avoid stains and wear, to ensure that they last longer. This advice that you will probably receive free of charge will go a long way in helping you cut costs, and helps to ensure that the carpet does not need to be replaced too often.

  • Offers and Discounts

Communicating with you commercial cleaner regularly will help you know when good discounts and offers are available. Most carpet cleaning companies offer discounts which are not utilized by the customers who do not know about them. When you know about these discounts and offers then you can cut your carpet cleaning costs.

  • Convenience

Hiring a professional carpet cleaning service can be convenience because it is one less task the firm had to worry about. The cleaning service can come and clean the carpet at your company and save you a lot of time.

For many entrepreneurs and business owners spring marks a time of rejuvenating and renewing their day to day businesses after the winter period.

In most instances, businesses remain stagnant as a result of embracing outdated strategies and procedures. In case you have a dream of taking your business to the next level, spring is the most convenient time to do that. You can simply give your business a thorough spring cleaning in order to observe the difference.

How does spring cleaning work?

Over the years it has been a common culture for people to start a fresh after the cold season. Some of the popular ways for starting over included; making decisions on the type of clothes that need replacement, wearing or even purchasing. 

The same criteria applies in the business world. In order to grow, small businesses need to make worthwhile decision as a new season ushers in. 

Spring cleaning tips for small businesses

In order to make your cleaning less of a hassle, let us discuss 3 spring cleaning tips that will get you going.

Update your business technology

Always pay attention to the degree of efficiency of both your software and hardware. In order for your small business to survive you might consider cutting on expenses. One of the easiest ways to do that is to upgrade the technology that your business is operating on.

In most cases, businesses stalls during the cold season. In such periods it is harder to notice the disadvantages of a slow or defective system.

However, during spring, having a defective system can make you lose a lot of customers.

For example, in case your equipment brakes down at some stage in production, your productivity can be diversely affected and thus lead to decline in sales.

It is therefore very important to upgrade your technology.

Organizing your information

The longer your business operates the larger the clutter. Fortunately, you can sort out your data and information when spring arrives. One of the most convenient ways of sorting the customers’ information is adopting an online storage strategy. Depending on the amount and type of data that needs storage, you can choose a cloud-based solution of your choice.

For minimal information storage, choosing a free solution can come in handy- stores some limited amount of data. However, in case your data is more cluttered and complicated, you can consider adopting a more improvised version. Some of the common ones include; DropBox, Box, Microsoft OneDrive and Google Drive.

The good thing with these cloud-solutions is that they are convenient and affordable.

Organizing your customers and leads

During the spring take some time and reflect the status of all your customers. With a close outlook, you will realize that all your customers are different.

One of the easiest ways to do that is to group your customers according to their rate of profitability in accordance with your leads. All your leads should aim at keeping the most profitable and reliable customers. This can greatly revolutionize your business.

Organizing your leads comes with a great deal of advantages; you can do a follow up and contact those interested in your services. Lastly, it can help you do away with customers who are making your business life miserable.

Carpeted mats have been used for years, and for a good reason.They are cost-effective, practical, and they protect your other floor surfaces, such as tile and hardwood, from scuffs and scrapes of office furniture. They are also very versatile and they can be used both in residential homes and in retail buildings. If you have purchased a carpet for your retail building, then you surely know that placement is important. This is why it is important to know that the two primary aspects you need to consider are the placement and the versatility of the mats.


A good rule of thumb is thatcarpeted mats should be placed around high traffic areas and heavy wear areas.  This way they not only protect the flooring, but also prevent slip and fallswhich can lead to lawsuits or workers compensation claims. It is important to opt for plastic-backed carpeted mats that are designed to hold in moisture if you plan to place them right at the entrance in the building, in other areas exposed to weather, or places where spills may occur. It is highly recommended to opt for mats that come with a special anti-slip backing that adds to their safety in these areas. 


You can opt for custom carpeted mats with your company logo or name of the company, as this will certainly help you increase brand awareness.  And besides, it is one of the cheapest forms of marketing, as you need the carpets anyway. Also, with carpeted mats, they can be relocated anywhere at any time.

No matter what type of flooring surface you have, Spotless Clean and Carpet Care of Durham, North Carolina would be happy to assist in all your commercial cleaning needs.

Even though many of us have endured certain versions of spring cleaning during our childhood, administrations of businesses and facility managers may despise the importance of this annual practice at workplace. Truth be told, spring cleaning at the office may be important for the business organization.

The idea of spring cleaning dates back to the antique times of Persian ritual for the new year, which was famously referred to as “Shaking the house” in order to prepare for the new year. In 19th century, this custom was practiced in American society in order to ensure that the homes were cleaned effectively at least once every year. This was so considering that the invention of vacuum-cleaner was still a century to come. The reason why this practice was done during the spring season was that it was warm enough to open wide windows and doors for the resulting dust to be carried away by the breeze.

Even though many offices maintain regular cleaning services, they are typically involved on surface level services. These may include trash removal, vacuuming, and dust removal from common surfaces. However, what we fail to do on regular cleaning services can accumulate to a considerable mess that will make the office look less superior. This is because desks, workstations, and offices tend to accumulate dust over a period of one year.

At least once every year, it is important to do deep cleaning for office carpets. In addition, surfaces of hard floor need to be thoroughly cleaned in order to remove spots and scuffs. Rubber cove bases need to be wet-cleaned using appropriate products. During this spring cleaning, when there are issues with floors, then this is the right time to make them. It is important to note that this type of cleaning is not favorable during the winter season because the floor may be damaged. 

Ah! Key boards! They are the worst aren't they, when it comes to cleaning. Let’s do a small experiment, shall we? Take your key board and invert it over a plate. Now observe the contents under microscope. 100 bucks says you will find everything that found its way into your mouth has somehow found a way to stay alive by hanging on to the nooks and crannies of your humble keyboard. Brace yourself. Clean your keyboard, genius!

So here's how we do it (cue music):

1. Give it a nice shake and spank

First unplug the key board (duh!). Now invert it and give it a nice shake, now some gentle taps to loosen those lodged pieces of your diet and then a nice couple of spanks. Careful, not too hard now! That should teach the bad boy a lesson. You don't Share FOOD!!

2. The key cleaning dilemma

Are you the kind that likes to do everything to the last details or are you the kind that just wants to get on with it ASAP? Don't worry we got both of you covered. For this part we need either some sort of wet wipes like baby wipes or a solution of vinegar mixed with water or a common dish wash detergent with Luke-warm water and some cotton buds.

For the latter category:

Take those baby wipes or those cotton buds soaked in vinegar water or lathery detergent water and properly squeezed in your hands. Take a deep breath. Now, charge into those gaps, nooks and crannies and wipe the enemy out, literally. Repeat as needed. Tada! You are done. Get back to work!

For the former category: The full workout

You got a task on your hands fellas. Grab a knife or spoon. Any blunt tool will do. Now gently pry open the keys one at a time and keep them aside. Avoid taking out the large keys like ‘enter’, 'space bar', etc. Don't worry; no harm shall come to your keyboard by doing this. Most keyboard keys are designed to be detachable. True story! O, before you start your quest make sure you take a picture of your keyboard on your phone for reference when you get to the 'attaching the keys back' part of the process.

OK. Now the keys are out. Take those and dunk them in the soap or vinegar solution prepared earlier. Grab used unwanted toothbrush and give the insides of the keys a nice scrub. Then lay the clean keys out to dry on a newspaper or a towel.

With the keys out give the board the old ' shake and spank' routine once more to dislodge some of the accumulated dust. You could use a compressed air can if you can get your hands on one of those to get rid of the dust and debris in a dramatic fashion or you could simply use the old toothbrush to get the grime off. Then, take those wet wipes and wipe the surface clean.

Refer to the picture of your keyboard and reattach the keys in their respective sockets and voila! Good job soldier! You have successfully completed your task of cleaning your keyboard! 

And that's how you do it! An easy way to clean your keyboard.

We know that the bathrooms are the main areas in any office when it comes to the cleanliness. It is also vital for the reputation of your business to have a well maintained and clean office bathroom in order to avoid health and other problems. Due to the hair, soap and other residues, it is also easy for the drains and pipes to get blocked. As a precautionary measure, you can also take help from the hand-held vacuum in the bathroom for the pickup of hair and other debris on the floor. So, ensuring that how clean are your office bathrooms in terms of your employee’s health and maintaining a good customer relationship along with avoiding fines from the local health department is always essential.

Why you need to clean your office bathrooms:

There are some important reasons why you need to maintain the cleanliness of your office bathrooms. Just conduct proper maintenance checks through bathroom cleaning services or with the help of bathroom cleaning products available in the market. Below are some other reasons of why you need to clean your office bathroom.

It can help you to improve the employee productivity and Morale:

A clean bathroom is always helpful in the improvement of employee productivity level and morale. Use of clean bathroom is always give them comfort and performing their activities and when they want to use they feel comfortable. So, it ensures them the protection causing illness and other health issues.

You can improve customer’s opinion of your business and save from fines:

Your customer’s opinion about your building and business is very important for you. So, if they use your office bathroom and find it neat and clean then it can improve their opinion of your building and your business. Most importantly bathroom cleaning guarantees you for the protection of illnesses in your customers and employees and can also save you from receiving citation and fines from the local health department. 

So, above are the important points to understand the prominence of how clean are your office bathrooms.

Janitors, also known as cleaning staff, are the people we have to thank for the extremely clean environment around our offices, homes and school. Like any other job, they also need to take care of themselves as they go about their cleaning duties, especially considering that they handle chemicals such as bleach for cleaning places. Safety precautions should be followed so as to not end up injuring oneself or others. 

One such safety precaution is proper handling of chemicals. Most of these chemicals that are used for cleaning are very concentrated. Ensure that you read the instructions leaflets properly and that you dilute the chemicals thoroughly and using the right proportions.

Always wear protective clothing such as gloves and face mask in reference to inhaling the chemical fumes. Also ensure that you dispose the garbage properly by putting them in a garbage bag and disposing them. Some disposal may contain needles or sharp objects that may penetrate your skin. Always ensure that you are safe when going about the job.

When using electric equipment such as vacuum cleaners, check that the electric wire is on the right side so that you do not trip on it. It is also avoidable to use these machines when few or no people are around. This minimizes the chances of anyone falling over the wire and injuring themselves.

Additionally, always use a cleaning cart, one that you can put your supplies in and push them effortlessly. This will make your work manageable and also reduce the chance of you getting body aches such as backaches because of heavy lifting of the supplies.

When cleaning the floors, try and keep the correct posture. Bad posture can agitate your spine and back muscles, leading to back problems. This includes being careful when lifting or moving furniture around. Proper posture, such as bending the knees before lifting any heavy item, must be used to avoid later problems

With many people venturing into commercial cleaning services, I would like to share with you 3 Commercial Cleaning Tips. There are several factors you need to consider before settling on any one contractor. As much as many may think cleaning is so conventional and anybody can do it, a lot of thought goes into the job more so when it comes to huge offices. The cleanliness of your place says a lot about you. It is a form of a non-verbal communication of your personality. 

In today’s world where reputation and corporate image is of great importance, you need a professional who will do the job and do it well. Let us now focus on a few tips on commercial cleaning. 

The commercial cleaning products and equipment

As we examine 3 Commercial Cleaning Tips it is crucial to note that different parts of the office will require different cleaning products and equipment. The service provider should provide the products recommended for cleaning the floors whether it’s made of tiles, concrete or whatever material is used. The same applies to windows, glass and the walls. Different rooms in the office will require special attention like the toilet requires sanitization. A reputable service provider will offer these services. 

Get the right people to do the job 

Secondly ensure that the service provider is licensed. This way you are assured that they will do a good job. The contractor should also be reputable and have many clients under their wing. They should have countless clients who have been satisfied with their job as you do not want to hire a quack to do the job. 

Pricing your service

Adding on to the 3 Commercial Cleaning Tips is the pricing of the service. Your price says a lot about the quality of the job done. Depending on the prices of the cleaning products and equipment, you should settle on a price that is reasonable and will give you some returns. 

Having a clean carpet normally makes huge difference to your home’s appearance. Even when you do not think that your carpet is dirty since you do not see stains, you should not be fooled. Dirt normally gets stuck at the carpet’s bottom and will destroy your carpet slowly.

There are usually two ways of cleaning the carpet. You can do it by yourself or rent the services of a commercial carpet cleaning company. When considering hiring an affordable carpet cleaning service, it’s wise to consider different factors, such as labor, price and buying of additional supplies.

The following are pros and cons of renting a commercial carpet cleaning service and DIY

Rent a Service


Professionals who are trained for that kind of work know the kind of solution to use on various fibers and carpets. They also know how to remove difficult stains.

Their equipment is more powerful than small machines you may hire for a DIY job.

They also have enough training on how to get rid of pet stain and deodorize it.

You do not have to do some tedious manual work by yourself.


Some unscrupulous companies might con you. There are those that might “Bait and Switch” you, charging a low price up front, and asking for more money after the work is done. You should thus hire a credible service.

You will have to spend more money since they normally charge you by the square foot.

Scheduling hassles may arise, particularly when you are working long hours away from home.

DIY - Do It Yourself


It’s is cost effective.

A number of supermarkets normally rent carpet cleaning equipment. You may rent them without necessarily having to reserve one in advance.

There is availability of free customer service from the store which rented you the machine. There is also demonstration before you take it home.

You have the benefit of cleaning your own carpet at home, anytime of the day without having the problem of scheduling a service when you are busy working.


It means you have to roll up your sleeves and work. 

You might not have a clue whether to use stain removers or pre-treatments for difficult works.

It’s your duty to inspect the equipment before you rent it to ensure that there are no animal hairs, dirty bristles or broken parts that’s going to make your work harder.

Today, many people are going for the commercial carpet cleaning companies because they do not have time for DIY, and the companies also provide a more professional service because they have the right personnel who are well trained to do the work.

Coffee is one of the most consumed beverages in the world. For some people, especially those working in the offices, a day cannot be complete without a cup of coffee. For this reason, most companies have opted to purchase coffee pots to use in making coffee for staffs at work. However, purchasing coffee pots can be expensive but the coffee that comes out of the pot is worth the price.

Cleaning a coffee pot is necessary but most people think that cleaning it in the office is a hard task. The truth is it does not have to be a chore. There are numerous ways to clean coffee pots and eliminate all the stains and keep your coffee tasting fresh. Below are tips on how to clean the coffee pots in the office.

Step 1

First and foremost, you should unplug the coffee pot just to be safe. While it may be fine to get it wet, and the pot and machine will be separate when washing, it is always better to play safe than be sorry after a disaster.

Step 2

Remove the filter. If your coffee pot contains a permanent filter, you can simply dump out the grinds and clean it. If it contains a disposable filter, just remove the filter and dispose it.

Step 3

Remove the filter holder regularly and rinse out. This is because coffee grinds tends to settle there.

Step 4

Add ice cubes and salt into the coffee pot. If you are using ice cubes, three or four should be enough. 

Step 5

after putting your washing products in the pot; hold it with both hands, ensuring the rid is closed. To ensure that no mess, you can cover the rid with a plastic wrap.

Step 6

Shake the coffee pot slowly in a circular motion to get the ice cubes or soap move around the bottom and sides of the coffee pot. This will help in removing or the stains that may ruin your coffee’s taste. For tough stains, you can scrub the pot with a paper towel or clean dish towel.

Step 7

Pour the water out after several shakes. Add clean water and shake the pot once again to rinse it completely. This leaves your coffee pot shinny and ready for use.

No matter what type of coffee pot you own you need to clean it. This is because stains can build up in the coffee pot and cause it to work less effectively. Dirty coffee pots also causes the coffee to taste nasty and your boss or other staff might complain. Follow the above tips for cleaning coffee pots in the office to keep it clean and debris free for awesomely tasting coffee.

When hiring commercial flooring services, whether for an installation or for professional carpet cleaning, one thing you may be considering is carpet care. If you have high traffic areas or lighter carpets then cleaning may be required more often. There are several steps involved in proper carpet care and upkeep. So remember to ask about their carpet cleaning methods and professionalism or ask the installers how to care for the new carpet. Nevertheless, if you are focusing on commercial cleaning services; the following five steps should help you when hiring a professional cleaner. 

1. Always make sure that anyone you hire tests your carpet before doing any cleaning. Different carpet types require different cleaning methods. Not all carpets are resistant to fading or color bleeding when they are wet. So always have your carpets tested before any cleaning or stain removal is done.

2. Ask about their equipment. Part of the reason you hire commercial flooring services is because they have better equipment and you want your employees to stay focused on the important matters. So always make sure that any service you’re hiring has specialized equipment and experience. Their equipment should be well maintained, clean, and used by skillful staff.

3. Always ask for a written guarantee of services. This insures that that when using their services, you’ll get the job agreed upon in writing. The company then has an obligation due to this contract to meet certain results.

4. Ask about methods. There are several ways to clean carpet and you may have a preference. Some use steam cleaning, some use specialized deep cleaning equipment, and others prefer old-fashioned hot water. When hiring commercial floor cleaning services, make sure their methods are the kind you want used on your carpets.   

5. Lastly, ask for referrals. Any company that has a long track record of success will have customer referrals to show their competence and experience. Any cleaning service you are thinking about hiring that doesn’t have referrals should be a red flag. Likewise, if a company doesn’t provide referrals when asked; it’s another reason to take your business elsewhere.

Operations of any business can be challenging and can consume a lot of time. In achieving profits, there must be good decisions made and the right actions being executed. There is always some play for mistakes here and there, but that is part of business.

The performance you receive from your employees makes the biggest difference in the success of the company. To achieve great performance results, your employees need to be able to stay focused. By assigning them tasks outside their normal duties, you alter results. They need to stay focused on their actual duties and responsibilities.

One of the ways to ensure your employees stay on track with their specific duties and responsibilities is to hire a commercial cleaning company to maintain healthiness and cleanliness. If you make your employees handle the cleaning and sanitizing, progress gets interrupted. Depending on the job, they can get lost and slow down the progress. In fact, your employees will not get the building as clean or as sanitary because they know they have to handle their actual responsibilities and duties. With that, sanitation is also skimmed over because they know they need to meet deadlines, etc. A commercial cleaning company eliminates one more thing from the distractions list and you benefit from thorough cleaning and sanitizing efforts on every visit.

Profit in your company is achieved by keeping those employees on track and focused. If they have other distractions to tend to, it can break the cycle and the focus. Therefore, they clean rapidly with missed opportunities and sanitation levels are reduced. Commercial cleaners focus not only on a thorough cleaning on every visit, but also sanitation that helps maintain a healthier environment. The expense of hiring a commercial cleaner will be outweighed by the performance of your focused employees and profits will increase to compensate.

Many offices have the challenge of making enough room while still staying clean and organized. Maintenance is important because energy levels can easily be drained with clutter, messes, and unappealing work environments. With the ever-growing world of the workforce; cramping can interfere. Small, tight cubicles and little moving room can take away from productivity. Commercial cleaning can help so that your employees can focus on the more important things and stay focused. Having the right setting can improve productivity and innovative thinking.

Second, company vision is important to know. Training your current employees to understand the company is important. When hiring, look for applicants who understand or can understand and fit within the company vision. The biggest thing is to ensure everyone is on the same page with the company’s focuses.

Lastly, breaks are important no matter what position an employee holds. It is an excellent idea to allow employees to control their breaks, as long as the work gets done. If that is not within your structure; provide a break before and after lunch. 30 minutes is ideal, but 15 is reasonable if need be. You are not losing time here; you are getting more accomplished within the work hours by allowing longer breaks. Employees come back more focused and work more efficiently.

With a clean work environment, more room to work, and beneficial breaks, your company has the potential to achieve a higher success and it starts with you and your employees. If they feel like part of the team and appreciate your consideration for them; they will strive to make the company achieve success and will be more productive and innovative, which is what a company needs.

The importance of carpet cleaning might not seem that pressing, but it actually protects your carpets and your environment. When dirt gets into your carpet, it wears down carpet fibers, slowly destroying them, and also traps germs within the carpet.

Thankfully, it’s an easy thing to fix—regular vacuuming and an occasional deep cleaning are all it takes!

Weekly Maintenance

Taking care of your carpet starts with weekly maintenance. As you plan your week, try to plan vacuuming at least once per week for the best results:

  • Vacuum all carpets once a week.
  • Vacuum high traffic areas two times a week.
  • Clean up spills and stains immediately.
  • When cleaning up a spill or a stain, blot from the outside in.

To freshen carpets, you can sprinkle baking soda on the carpet, let it sit for 15 minutes, then vacuum. This will also absorb any extra moisture and germs hiding in the fabric. You can even add essential oils to the baking soda to release a nice smell when you vacuum.

Deep Cleaning

Carpets can use a deep cleaning about two to three times a year. There are two ways to deep clean a carpet: steam cleaning and dry chemical cleaning. Both ways are effective, but each has their pros and cons, so you will want to look into which option works best for you.

It’s extremely important that if you steam clean, you make sure your carpet gets as dry as possible in order to prevent damage and mold.

Hiring a professional can take a lot of the guesswork out of deep cleaning your carpets, and they are often able to achieve a higher level of clean because of the strength of the equipment they use and their experience.

Keeping carpets clean is well worth the effort!

No matter which mops you use—probably commercial brands, they need replaced frequently the majority of the time. If you hire janitorial services, you may or may not have to worry about the supplies. Wet mops usually do not wear out through regular use. They simply get abused, especially in a fast paced environment.

What can you do to help cut the costs on wet mop supplies? Several maintenance ideas will help extend the life of your mops in the company, as well as improve their efficiency.

For wet mops, it is good idea to break them in first. You do this by placing them in warm water that has a mild detergent for 15 or more minutes. When using solutions for cleaning, avoid working with intense cleaners like bleach or caustic. This often wears the strands down and they break off. Speaking of strands, try not to scrub the top areas of the mop because that wears the strands down, tearing or shortening them.

Always try to completely rinse and dry out the mop out after use. Typically, mops tend to get used frequently, left sitting un-cleaned so they are ready for the next spill or mess. Not cleaning it after use leads to worn out, weak strands that tear easily or weaken.

Lastly, store the wet mops in a dry area with the strands hanging down. Try to find a dry location for storing until they are needed again. This will prevent rotting and weakening of the strands.

Sure, your towels or uniforms look clean, but why do they appear to have a funny smell? When you wash the towels or uniforms, the detergent does most of the work. However, it doesn’t always get everything out. This can be an embarrassing situation for your company and workers.

After you have washed the articles several times, they tend to build up with residue and leftover detergent that parks itself deep down in the materials. Because of this, smells and odors can get buried within the built up material. This buildup usually prevents detergent from penetrating those areas in the towels or uniforms, leading to missed cleaning.

You could simply budget them as disposable after a certain period of time, but why do that? Save your company on unnecessary expenses by using this little trick.

You begin with hot water. You simply add around a cup of vinegar to the load without any detergent. Don’t forget to avoid detergent. Once the wash cycle is complete, wash again the same way, but with a ½ cup of baking soda. Once again, do not add detergent to the wash load. Once the load is done, simply toss in the dryer and voila! Your towels and uniforms are now actually, officially clean!

In closing, if you find that you are still having troubles, you may need to clean the washer with commercial washer fresheners. This occurs mostly from laundry sitting in the washer for long periods, as well as from not leaving the lids open when unused. Your situation may not allow that, but it’s good if you can leave the doors open.


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